Is Shopify dead? GrooveKart review.

What is GrooveKart?

GrooveKart is a new e-commerce platform threatening established companies like Shopify. Can it be competitive and possibly beat current platforms? Let’s look at it more closely. In this short review I made a summary of its key features. You can also watch a demo video by clicking here.

Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or simply looking for a way to make a few extra dollars on the side e-commerce is one the best options. If you have ever looked into opening an online store, whether you sell your own products or drop ship, you have probably heard of Shopify and WooCommerce. Those are the platforms majority of entrepreneurs use.

Shopify, so far, has been one of the easiest ways to start an online store in just a few hours. If you drop ship you can easily import products from Aliexpress or other marketplaces and start selling in no-time. However, that comes at a cost because Shopify is also one of the most expensive platforms to use.  Basic plan costs $29.99 a month, which doesn’t seem bad, but that doesn’t include many basic plugins and apps you have to pay for to make your store fully functional. Not to mention high transaction fees unless you are willing to pay $299 a month for an advanced plan.

This is where GrooveKart comes in. A direct Shopify competitor, it claims to be easier to use and have all the basic functionality built in without having to pay for third-party add-ons. Here’s a screenshot from GrooveKart website:

groove kart review


Let’s take a look at some of the features it claims to have:

  • Free Built-in 1-Click Upsells.

    Upsells are probably one of the single easiest ways to increase your conversions. Most e-commerce platforms require 3rd party apps to do that and in most cases they are not free.

  • Fully Featured Store Designer and Page Builder.

    Instead of having to pay for themes to make your store look different, GrooveKart allows you to fully customize your store using its drag and drop builder with over 250 different blocks, which is nice because 3rd party themes can be expensive.

  • Landing Page Builder.

    If you don’t want to pay extra for a 3rd party landing page builder like Clickfunnels, GrooveKart has one included. Landing pages can be used to dramatically increase conversions or collect leads and are a very powerful tool for entrepreneurs. We’ll have to wait and see how effective it is. A standalone landing page builder, such as Clickfunnels, might still be better in the long run but for an average person a built in tool should be enough.

  • Product Design Tool

    If you’re in a print on demand niche GrooveKart is promising a great product design tool with many kinds of products, such as shirts, banners and brochures, over 20k clip arts, 95+ languages translation and built in printing and shipping. I personally run a print on demand shirt business on Shopify so it will be interesting to see what GrooveKart has to offer.

  • Print on Demand

    groovekart review

    Let’s talk more about this lucrative business model. If you are not familiar with it print on demand means you create a design to be printed on merchandise. When a customer places an order a printing company prints your design on the merchandise and ships it out directly to your customer. It is one of the easiest businesses to start because it doesn’t require a lot of startup money. GrooveKart has a built in integration with Teescape. I have personally worked with Teescape before and don’t have anything bad to say about them but I do hope more companies will be able to integrate with GrooveKart and we won’t be limited to just one.

  • Private Label Supplements (Coming December 2018)

    GrooveKart is planning to offer “LOW PRICED ONE-OFF PRINTING. NO INVENTORY. DROP SHIPPED TO YOUR CUSTOMERS”. This means over 40 different pre-made supplements made for white label resale. Supplements include, but are not limited to, skin care, weight loss, protein powders, vitamins and many more.

  • GK Ali-Connect

    In case you didn’t know Aliexpress is huge marketplace based out of China where you can buy many different products at low prices for resale. It is commonly used for dropshipping because low prices allow for high profit margins. GrooveKart boasts built in integration and automation with Aliexpress instead of having to download a separate app.

That’s quite a long list of features. Also included are tracking pixels, retargeting, upsells, coupons, wheel prizes, social proof, countdown timers and pop ups and more. Most other platforms don’t include any of those and instead force you to download third party addons, most of which have a monthly fee.

groovekart review

GK offers a few different pricing plans, including monthly and annual plans. You can read more about the prices on their official website HERE.

All of that sounds pretty exciting. I might even switch my online store from Shopify since GrooveKart makes it easy with an automated tool that can import your store.

You can watch a demo video here:

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